Call Center Services for Business Continuity

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Handling both inbound and outbound calls can be a very hectic schedule therefore, it is always important to have a multi-channel phone network. A call center allows businesses of all kinds to stay connected with their clients on a 24/7 basis. Its network of highly trained agents and call routing system allows everyone to stay on the same page. Emenac Call Center Services specializes in providing wide-ranging call center services to businesses of different nature and requirements.

The agents are adept at providing services such as marketing, virtual assistance, email management, web support and social media management. Some of the other features that keeps these services intact and functional are three way calling, intelligent reporting, power dialing, built-in CRM, customizable caller ID and live monitoring and recording.

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Author: Alex Marshall

Born and raised in England, Marshal is a hard working call center agent who is known for his extraordinary communication skills and six years of experience in his respective field. Alex is not only a dedicated agent, but a true problem solver. He is known for generating the most leads and maintaining a respectable persona in the call center industry. He has worked in some of the best multinational companies and is still on the go to polish his skills. Alex Marshall is known for his energy, quickness and unprecedented dedication.

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