In a business work day it is normal to expect calls coming in by the dozen and a number of calls are also made for telemarketing and such. A situation that can cause staff to be overworked and poses a problem when in-house staff is else wise focused. Emenac Call Center Services proposes power pack of call handling services that professionally address your callers in not only business hours but at all hours of all day. We have been hosting call handling services for over a decade and our clientele has affiliations in any and all sorts of industries from medicine to beverage and eatery businesses. Our agents are honed and motivated to treat your calls with just the right blend of professionalism and warmth.

How we manage both inbound & outbound calls?

callcenterservices-ecallcenterservices.jpgEmenac Call Center Services has long been in business of call center service provision. We like to keep up with modern technologies and evolving business trends, which is why we have recently implemented a blended collaborative call center interface that is operated by special operators who are trained exclusively in both outbound and inbound urgent call handling. These agents are also trained to entertain callers on various service levels so that the call needn’t to be rerouted ever so often. Our modern interface helps keep track of customer profiles but more importantly it maps the incoming call trends. Which then maximizes the resource utilization by intelligently allocating the resources sitting idle when no calls are coming in to automatically transfer them to outbound calls. Thus all calls are handled with informed guidance, enabling single caller’s journey to be directed by one agent. A practice that has proven to be greatly appreciated by customers.

Non-voice customer support mediums are included in our call handling packages:


Automated systems are known to be successful in customer care for smaller problems. In Emenac Call Center Services’ business call handling services, we also cater to queries coming in from non-voice mediums like live chat customer support, email and social media platforms, giving shortest response time. Because we understand your firm would benefit better if customer are not kept waiting. And efficient response goes a long way to covert a potential customer into a buyer.

Emenac Call Center Services offers various packages that can be customized according to the client firm’s needs. We believe in transparency of service on both ends; client and customers. We are community oriented business ourselves and promote any business who too believes in giving back to the society.

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