Emenac Call Center Services Brings A Collaborative System to Deal with Your Inbound and Outbound Phone Calls Simultaneously

Emenac Call Center Services delivers best customer experience by utilizing industrially skilled customer support agents and phone operators,


Many times, we have to face a problem with inbound and outbound calls, especially when the call volume spikes, here we always tuck with that problem how to deal with existed customers and new customers and more over how to deal with emails and live chat inquiries. Here come solutions for the businesses who really want to deal with this issue, outsource your call center and enjoy the benefits of call handling services for both of your customers, yes Emenac Call Center Services brings the best solution through its latest invention of call center collaboration system which will enable call center agents to deal with customer support, phone answering, live chat support, email reply as well as to make calls to other departments,  meeting schedules, help desk, phone order placement and center communication from department to department and person to person in one go.

image_01Inbound callers don’t have to go through the hectic and time consuming process of heavily tiered customer support operations because Emenac Call Center Services has eliminated the need for that by introducing the all new “collaboration system.”

Now clients of all kinds can enjoy a much better customer experience through software collaborations and team collaborations. Interacting with customer representatives has become quicker and easier for everyone. No one has to go through multiple tiers of agents anymore because “Emenac Call Center Services” has revamped all its existing call answering procedures. The new method of taking inbound calls accommodates everyone according to the market niche and various business requirements. Busy managers and other staff members don’t have to witness seeing unhappy customers anymore because “Emenac Call Center Services” has come up with a much better solution for everyone.

image_04The all new collaboration system allows multiple agents to be able to listen to the call and immediately intervene the moment a customer asks for something more complex and detailed. This new method has not only eliminated the need for transferring calls, but also allowed both the customers and multiple company representatives to stay on the same page. This smart and easy way of managing calls has improved the overall customer retention rate by providing everyone with the right kind of information at the right time and in the right way.

Tiered customer support is not only bad for business, but also not a convenient approach for customers. Using a tiered customer support service is not a practical method of handling heavy flows of inbound calls. No one likes his/her calls to be transferred to multiple departments and that is why Emenac Call Center Services has completely eliminated the process of tiered customer support service. Going from tier 1 to tier 2 and then tier 3 is not the right way of providing customer support services.

call-center-agentsAfter analyzing the market and various customer complaints, our project manager, Mr. Jordan Paul came up with the idea to make small teams and train them to answer all sorts of queries on immediate basis rather than creating multiple departments and going through multiple steps and procedures.

According to him, businesses of today, cannot function properly with a tier based customer support system because it is way too old school. The society believes in fast and quick results and that is why Emenac Call Center Services is entertaining all sorts businesses and market niches with the help of the all new collaboration system.

“We are amazed by the positive results of this new approach and hope to see a lot more happy and satisfied clients in the future.”

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