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Live chat support in e-commerce websites is often rebuffed in favor of other communication channels and that’s NOT a smart move. Because it is gaining popularity in recent years consistently. More than 70% people have been known to abandon their interest in product because they had more questions that the website failed to answer. In this article we have 15 tips for an optimized use of live chat support service and its effective provision:

image_01A pre-chat survey is useful for filtering out customer’s interest and basic info so you can keep them engaged. A pre-scripted message to greet customers comes in handy in rush hours. An agent’s introduction builds rapport that shouldn’t be abused by promising what can’t be delivered. Keep chat tones light and fun. Build your pace through tools like typing indicator. For details, embed links to spare the need for scrolling up and down. It’s acceptable to transfer chats to more knowledgeable agents if the engaged agent doesn’t have the answer.

It is a good practice to email the chat transcript to the customers for future referrals whenever you made a conversation for order taking service. Each customer should be bid farewell on a light positive note, asking for need of further assistance. The reply to most common queries should be saved for speedier service and also to build the FAQ database. The customers like to familiarize themselves with the company and their offers.

image_04The live chat should be compatible with interface for saving customer profiles and interests in case the customers repeat the interaction. It will eliminate the need for them to repeat the whole process. Final tip is to arrange frequent, informal teams that come together to discuss the challenges they are facing and brainstorm ideas for their better solutions and creative ways to revamp the live-chat customer support service. The front-line agents often have the best suggestions for improvement of service they are proving on daily basis.

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